Herbal Cocktail Lounge

Pioneering as first herbal cocktail lounge in America, Ancient Spirit and Grille prides in bringing together a unique taste and dining in Ayurvedic style.  Our enthralling association with Ayurveda has helped us develop a retreat for every person depending on their predominant Doshas. ASG offers you a never-before lounge experience filled with opulence and wellness.

Enjoy the purest and most fresh herbal cocktails crafted from organic fruits with a twist of authentic ayurvedic spices to awaken your taste buds! Our exclusive personalized service will surely bring you back to us again and again!

Experience the Palatable Ayurvedic Retreat!

Holistic Food

Herbal Cocktails


Inspired by flavors perfected over millennia.

Ayurveda has a rich history that has been passed on to us as legacy. Ancient Spirit and Grille has taken an inspiration from this traditional source to carefully curate and execute holistic delectable food that retreats your body as well as mind. You will surely experience the gastronomical journey across the ages through our distinctive food and drinks with unique flavors smoothly blended by fresh spice.

Ancient Spirit and Grille offer you personalized cuisine according to your body type that will surely freshen up your humdrum life. Our organic and holistic food is one of a kind in USA. So, do not miss out to experience your share of mouth-watering gastronomical journey with food and drinks that bring your body energy levels into an equilibrium.

We invite you to experience an enlightening and relaxing ayurvedic journey that has been perfected over millennia.