Dated 5000 years back, Ayurveda has been a relevant practice even today to restore and maintain the harmony between the body and the mind. Holistic food plays a significant role to promote wellness by remedying the body’s imbalances. Ancient Spirit and Grille, USA’s first herbal lounge has taken the inspiration from Ayurveda to bring these holistic and organic foods on your plate. Every dish on the menu is hand-selected and customized according to your body type which relaxes your soul and treats your taste buds with unique and mouth-watering flavors.

The Three Doshas

Our body and mind is ruled by life forces or Doshas. Ayurveda divides body types on the basis of three doshas: Vata(Air) , Pitta (Fire) and Kapha (Earth). These doshas are constants in our life and our physical and mental characteristics are defined by the predominant dosha.

Ancient Spirit and Grille assesses your predominant dosha through a short classified questionnaire and help you balance your dosha to enjoy a healthy life. With the perfect blend of taste and health, we have organized holistic cuisine that will help you to become the healthiest version of yourself.

Vata (Air)

Being the leader of Ayurvedic principles, Vata or the air elements highly influence your energy levels, physical movement, nerve impulses as well as mental productivity.  Predominant vata bodies are creative and energetic but any imbalance in vata may lead to problem in digestion, concentration and other physical issues. As a vata person, you will surely love to explore our new concept dining to reboot your health.

Pitta (Fire)

The fire element or Pitta manipulates your body temperature, metabolic activities and your rage. Predominant Pitta bodies are organized, motivated and have an excellent memory but any imbalance in pitta may lead to the opposite. If you have been enraged by simple issues lately, our cuisine can surely help you to prevent the imbalances in your pitta. As a pitta person, you will love our well-structured organized lounge experience to restore your appetite, clarity and radiance.

Kapha (Earth)

The earth or Kapha element plays a significant role in determining your physical structure, movement and function of body fluids and management skills. Predominant kapha bodies are ideal managers, optimistic and have immense love for nature but any imbalances in kapha may hamper your growth, anabolism and sleep cycle. As a Kapha person, you will surely love our well-managed service of fresh, organic and palatable dishes.